Forum – let’s talk! Part 2

In my last post “Forum let’s talk! Part 1” I highlighted our top ten most popular forum posts (although I didn’t research back to when the forum started.) Here’re in part 2 I’m recalling forum posts that didn’t make the top, but are much worth looking at. I’ve grouped them loosely by subject matter. Enjoy! And feel free to add… Read more →

Forum: let’s talk! Part 1

Hi everyone. Guess where this blog post is heading? Straight to the forum. Well, sort of. In a round-about way. What I’m talking about here, is I would love more participation in the forum. Looking through all the subjects there, they are incredibly varied, and also  – even if I might seem a tad biased, very interesting. From tea news,… Read more →

“Tea Expert” – What does that mean to you?

When we read about tea, we often come across the term “tea experts.” Sometimes it’s a title bestowed upon a person by other parties, sometimes it’s the “expert” who readily calls him/herself that. I’m curious, what do you understand by the term “tea expert”? What runs through your mind? Particularly, what are your first thoughts? Do you immediately think, “Gosh,… Read more →

Tea & Twitter: Both for free!

Saw this mentioned by @amazonV over on G+.While the tea is definitely not for me, it’s iced – the marketing idea, strategy and its execution by South African company BOS is fascinating. The idea? You tweet the right hash tag close to the vending machine and there’s your free tea! The tea inside? Rooibos farmed exclusively in the country’s Western… Read more →

“Just Tea?”

“Just Tea?” Is tea, just tea? @Yaya linked to this “Just Tea?” video clip on f/b recently, and I remembered I’d seen it before in German, but hadn’t talked about it. It’s pretty interesting to watch, see if you agree or disagree. For me, it fits my thinking. With a few exceptions; notably most tea in teabags. As tolerant as… Read more →

New Post that isn’t about Pinterest yet

Time for a quick update. I’ve spent most of my morning learning more about Pinterest, and all sorts of clever little Pinterest extensions I can add to Chrome. My goal is to become the ultimate Tea-Pinup. By that I don’t mean I plan to wrap myself in nothing but tea leaves, I just want have the most re-pinned tea pics… Read more →

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