Tea & Twitter: Both for free!

Saw this mentioned by @amazonV over on G+.While the tea is definitely not for me, it’s iced – the marketing idea, strategy and its execution by South African company BOS is fascinating. The idea? You tweet the right hash tag close to the vending machine and there’s your free tea!

The tea inside? Rooibos farmed exclusively in the country’s Western Cape. Added to it “all natural fruit flavors” and packaged in a “pop art can.” Sugar content 19g a can. A lot less than soda, but not exactly “0” like plain tea. The company’s website looks nice, a mix of modern & traditional. Anyway, just thought the idea was pretty cool, if not costly for the company. Wonder how it plays out, and if it was very worth it.Also, how did BOS actually do this? Clever!

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