Forum: let’s talk! Part 1

Hi everyone. Guess where this blog post is heading? Straight to the forum. Well, sort of. In a round-about way. What I’m talking about here, is I would love more participation in the forum. Looking through all the subjects there, they are incredibly varied, and also  – even if I might seem a tad biased, very interesting. From tea news, to tea advice, to foreign posts, to tea education, to topics “other than tea” it’s all there. I spent a while looking and reading through all posts, many of them far too interesting to disappear into the abyss of a mountain of tea. So I’ve picked out some threads I think are worth taking another look at. Like many old blog posts, they’re still relevant. Here for Part 1 is a recap of some of the most popular forum posts we had. Enjoy. If you haven’t already:

10 most popular posts on the forum (Pages 1-8)

Books and Tea started by @brandymandycandy  35 posts

Loose leaf tea in the UK started by @hiphopteashop 26 posts

How to blend tea started by @peter 23 posts

Who’s going to the World Tea Expo started by @jackie 21 posts

Jackie’s disgust and Teavana doesn’t want to sell tea started by @peter 19 posts

What are you most often doing while you drink tea? started by @jackie  18 posts

Oolong, wulong, white peony started by @alicha 18 posts

Do you feel intimidated by those who know more about tea than you? started by @jackie 18 posts

What level of price markup do you think is reasonable? started by @gingkoseto 16 posts

Are you inteamidated? started by @iheartteas 15 posts

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