A reply to “Burning down the Tea House”

I hope you’ve all read @thedevotea’s tale “Burning down the Tea House.”  It talks of scantily clad lasses, bulges in pants, a cafe that served him tea bags, and his desire to burn it down. I hope you were not taken in. It was of course, quite untrue. To understand what really happened you must read his post first, and then my… Read more →

Say it as you sip it!

Well, Pete and I are both busy in our office, he’s playing music and I can hear him tapping away energetically at the keyboard. All I know is he’s “working on a blog post.” Interesting, wonder what he’ll come up with. Anyway, I’ve just completed my usual social rounds, first here, then twitter, then G+ and am done with updates.… Read more →

World Tea East: Blog posts, pictures & videos

Dear Tea Traders et al… As you may know if you read our forum, I first started putting together a list over there. However, when more links started rolling in, I realized the forum is not the best place to post a list for all posterity. There are several reasons, a couple of them are technical so I won’t bore… Read more →

Yours truly updates!

I think it’s best to pretend that the huge gap between my last post and this one, is simply due to “missing data.” Best not to mention a word about the time elapsed, and readers will simply assume, a chunk is missing. No time to waste now. Things have been formidably busy here at Tea Trade, and as always we’re… Read more →

The sexuality of Tie Guan Yin

Recently as I was looking at Chanteas website, I noticed something in their description of the Tie Guan Yin they are selling: “In doing our tea ceremonies, we’ve found that women are especially drawn to Tie guan yin. This could be because of the floral notes and the tea’s delicate nature.” I read it once and then again. It’s not… Read more →

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