“Tea Expert” – What does that mean to you?

When we read about tea, we often come across the term “tea experts.” Sometimes it’s a title bestowed upon a person by other parties, sometimes it’s the “expert” who readily calls him/herself that. I’m curious, what do you understand by the term “tea expert”? What runs through your mind? Particularly, what are your first thoughts?

Do you immediately think, “Gosh, how awesome, wish I could call myself that!”
Do you wrinkle your nose, and murmur, “What a lot of pompous baloney.”
Do you hastily search for his/her credentials, doubtful they really know their stuff? If so, what is their “stuff?”

What makes someone a tea “expert?” Who can be called an expert? Who is not an expert? Who should call whom a tea expert? Is there really such a title? Can we trust this term, or is it overused? Would you call yourself that about anything? Does it work for tea?

Think about the times you’ve seen this, and how it was applied.
I’ll leave you with this “tongue in cheek” quote,
Yours, J

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