Forum – let’s talk! Part 2

In my last post “Forum let’s talk! Part 1” I highlighted our top ten most popular forum posts (although I didn’t research back to when the forum started.) Here’re in part 2 I’m recalling forum posts that didn’t make the top, but are much worth looking at. I’ve grouped them loosely by subject matter. Enjoy! And feel free to add your 2 cents to bring them back to life!

Image by Leafbox Tea/Tea Trade


A little fun humor on MarshallN’s blog started by @jackie

A royal cup of tea for 40 bucks started by @jackie

Bloggers must read started by @jackie

General chat:

How to clean a bamboo whisk started by @scottteaman

Writing tea blogs what’s the hardest part? started by @jackie

Tea stocks to keep in a salon started by @xavier

How to blend tea started by @peter

Breville One Touch started by @jackie

How to start a tea company, perhaps not? started by @peter

Recipes for baking with tea started by jackie

Tea tasting terms started by  @lahikmajoe

Seriously educational:

List of all Darjeeling tea estates started by @jackie

History of tea drinking in India started by @bram

How to grow tea started by @jopj

Young Hyson – originally Yu Qiang? started by @mbanu

Tea blending as a fine art (1896) started by @jackie

The book of Korean tea started by @jackie

Ceylon Greens started by @mbanu

Tea photography tips from Alex started by @jackie

Tea growing regions started by @jackie

 Tea celebrities talk:

Interview with Emeric Harney of Harney & Sons Teas started by @jackie

Interview with Stephen Twinings started by @jackie

Tea News:

New American tea growers on the horizon started by @mbanu

Tea abroad:

Tea in Norway started by @xavier

Tea Rooms in Edinburgh started by @jackie

Not just tea:

Video series: Learning Japanese from scratch started by @jackie

Marketing by masculizing the feminine started by @jackie



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