Fine Words Butter No Parsnips *

“I will no longer drink tea” she said, banging down her fine, gold rimmed cup.

“How pretentious,” I thought, “and so typical of her to overreact.” Five years had passed since the government had passed the “Tea for Health” act. It had not been a surprise to anyone, it had been years in the making. Ever since 2020 when JD L’Chan had proved “beyond a shadow of a doubt” that tea in manipulated form was the elixir of life, we knew it would become a mandatory drink… Read more →

My fellow tea bloggers…

I’ve been thinking about tea blogs recently, in part because some of my favorite bloggers aren’t saying much. Thankfully @thedevotea’s been keeping up with quirky posts to keep me entertained, @xavier wrote beautiful poetry, @thepurrfectcup’s having a giveaway and @liberteas and @azzrian  pen so many reviews there’s never a void in the stream. Bloggers, don’t think because you’re not talking… Read more →

Holiday Cheer

You know Christmas is a-coming soon when you get your first two Holiday cards in the mail. The first one is on our acting mantlepiece, a lovely display of affection sent by our local Hallmark store, the second one is still in its envelope. Where it shall remain for a while still. It’s from the paper-man complete with self addressed… Read more →

It’s a tea chair, not coffee!

Here’s a nice chair to sit and drink your tea on. Billed “coffee chair” we all know that just panders to a presumed majority of hot drink sippers. For the rest of us (the chosen) it is a tea chair. In answer to your question in the video blonde lady, I’d rather have tea with you than the coffee. To be even… Read more →

Good bye summer, hello blog!

Well, summer isn’t officially over for a while still but it seems like it is, as soon as school starts up again. Life picks up pace everywhere except on the busy streets, where it’s back to the usual clogged road business, and travel never exceeds 4 miles an hour. With the weeks of relative leisure firmly behind me, it’s time… Read more →

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