Green tea, Confucius and a populist choice

Finally – we have a new host and everything is up and running. I’m not going to bore you with the finer details of our adventure/ordeal, suffice to say that after a lot of restructuring we are happily settled. There enough said. We shall now swiftly move on to tea. Our dear pal Lahikmajoe recently posted Over to the leafside… Read more →

The world, the net & Vanilla tea in Chinese

Yesterday was a bit of a crazy day. While world politics played out live on the big screen, our website went down. Pete joked about announcing that we’d closed for the day to commemorate events. Ha! What a pain in the whatsit. Anyway, to cut a long story pleasantly short; we’ve decided to change hosts. He’s working on that now,… Read more →

A new world of Tea

These last days have been pretty hectic. We’re working on Tea Trade, and like a newborn it demands a huge amount of attention. In the meantime its older “sibling” Leafbox Tea also desires continued nurturing.  I am hopping back and forth between here, LBT, and twitter. If you’re looking for me, there’s a good chance you’ll catch me in one… Read more →

Cheers to our first cup of tea!

Here we are, just you and me and we are sitting down for tea. In the virtual world. I’ve got my cup and I’m sure you have yours. Time to sip and start chatting. It’s a little awkward at first, yes. You look at me, I look at you and we’re all wondering if we have met before. I seem… Read more →

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