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Dear Tea Traders et al…

As you may know if you read our forum, I first started putting together a list over there. However, when more links started rolling in, I realized the forum is not the best place to post a list for all posterity. There are several reasons, a couple of them are technical so I won’t bore you with those. Also, frankly I don’t quite understand them, so I couldn’t bore you, even if I wanted to.

Either way, here’s the list which I will continue to update as new links are discovered. Once again, thank you to those of you who pointed me in the right direction. As before, feel free to post your own links, although by links I do mean to a blog related to World Tea East. There seems to have been a smidgen of confusion. Also, thank you @jopj and @littlemewbrew for your kind comments. Sadly, I couldn’t transfer them over.

Hopefully you’ll all enjoy the links as much as I did, it was particularly exciting to see so many photos, including pics of many people I immediately recognized. I may only have seen you on here, or on twitter, but it feels like we’re all getting to know each other post by post.

You’re a pretty cool bunch of hot tea drinkers,


Little Mew Brew: The blog that is about World Tea East: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

jopjWorld Tea East, My Adventure | Continued – The Tea | Finale | Addendum

Tea Pages: The Tea Eagle has Landed | World Tea East – The workshops | Facebook pics | The people

Chanteas: Good Friends and Great Tea

Tea for me please: World Tea East

Ratetea: Meeting People at World Tea East

Lisa Knows Tea: World Tea East – Summary, Part 1  World Tea East Summary Part 2

Teas Etc. Newman: A photo set

Tiesta Tea video interview: Charles Cain, VP of Business Development, Adagio Teas

Charles Cain of Adagio Teas: Musings from World Tea East

Glamorosi: World Tea East makes its debut in Philadelphia 

AmazonV: World Tea East – Summary

Verna Hamilton: What a City! Philadelphia and World Tea East

Gail Gastelu – The Tea House Times: World Tea East – Post Show Report



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