Good bye summer, hello blog!

Well, summer isn’t officially over for a while still but it seems like it is, as soon as school starts up again. Life picks up pace everywhere except on the busy streets, where it’s back to the usual clogged road business, and travel never exceeds 4 miles an hour. With the weeks of relative leisure firmly behind me, it’s time to pick up the blogging again too. You think blogging is just for fun? It’s serious tea business my friends.

So here I am on Labor Day week-end pondering what to write about. I’ve had three cups of tea – deliciously creamy black Vanilla from Mariage Freres. Bought in Paris, sipped in America, perhaps it’s good supply isn’t endless. I’d be spending far too much time in the kitchen, idling over the pot and searching for more pralines to enjoy with the tea. While not the worst way to spend a morning, our site would take a dive, while I happily gobble up chocs. After brewing the morning’s pot, barely 25 leaves looked back up at me from the depth of the packet, signaling that the end is nigh.

Good bye Paris, good bye summer, hello blog.


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